What is a Concussion Champion?


A concussion is a complex injury. Students and their families need support and guidance to help them plan and organize how to reintegrate back into school. To best support the student, everyone in the student’s life needs to be a Concussion Champion. The goal of a Concussion Champion is to enable the student to have the best outcome they can as they recover from their concussion, including reintegrating the student back into school activities in a safe and successful way. This tool provides you with some ideas and resources to help you best support students in your classroom, school or education system. Use the information provided in the three sections and the planning tool to take action and be a Concussion Champion:

SCHOOLFirst framework diagram
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Being a Concussion Champion involves:

  • putting the health of students first
  • advocating for students with concussion
  • educating and building capacity on the importance of supporting students with concussion and the role the education system can play
  • ensuring communication between all involved to facilitate the best outcome
  • supporting students and their families as they return-to-school
  • inspiring and enabling others to be part of the process

Regardless of your role within the education system, it is important for you to be a ‘Concussion Champion’ and support students with a concussion within a school setting.1,2 Doing so can help the student feel less anxious and more confident when returning to school.3

This tool will:

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help you understand your role as a Concussion Champion

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provide you with ideas on how to support students with a concussion

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link you to resources to help you build your concussion knowledge

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provide you with a planning tool to identify the steps you are taking to be a Concussion Champion