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Know your role in facilitating and enabling successful return-to-school for students after a concussion

Student Peers

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The role of student peers: How to help your student be a good friend to a peer with a concussion

Student peers can also be a Concussion Champion and help with reintegrating a friend with a concussion back into school.

Support students by sharing these important points with them:

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Encourage your peer to tell their school office and/or coach if they have or think they have a concussion. It is important for them to stop doing their activity and seek medical attention immediately. Waiting to seek help can prolong their recovery process and continuing to participate in sports/risky activities may put a student at risk for a second concussion which may damage their brain more.

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Help to educate other students and school staff about concussion. A student who has a concussion can appear normal to their student peers and teacher(s). People may not believe they have symptoms when they really do. It is hard for others
to understand that your friend with a concussion can only do quiet activities or may need some special accommodations to help them to start to get better.

Sometimes bullying can happen, especially when other school peers don’t understand what a concussion is, the recovery process or why special accommodations are needed. Bullying is not okay and be sure to tell an adult and/or teacher if bullying is taking place.

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Reassure and support your friend throughout their recovery process. Experiencing a concussion and going through the recovery process can be difficult and challenging. They may feel isolated, nervous or scared. Having support and reassurance from their peers at school can make a big difference.


Do not let a student or peer return to play if they have or think they have a concussion. Instead, encourage them to tell a trusted adult and get medical help.