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Student assessment and evaluation

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Student assessment and evaluation

As a Concussion Champion, it is important to recognize that a different approach may be needed to support students with their assessment and evaluation post-concussion. While the principal (or designate) leads the team collaboration and confirms the approach to be taken, here are some points for you to consider in supporting a student’s assessment after their concussion:

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  • Prioritize the student’s return to full academic participation before full athletic participation.
  • Recognize that the student is returning to full-time current studies while also catching up on missed work.
  • Collaborate with the student, parent(s), teacher(s) and administrator(s) to determine reasonable expectations.
  • Determine what alternative formats to assessment and evaluation are possible and what evidence needs to be demonstrated (conversation, observation or product) to meet the overall expectation.
  • Develop a schedule or calendar outlining incomplete work/assessments to help create a transparent team strategy.
  • Monitor the student during their re-introduction to assessment and re-evaluate the plan as needed.
  • Coordinate a school team meeting (if needed) to discuss workload, support and accommodations. 
  • Request medical documentation (if appropriate) to support more extensive accommodations.
  • Provide letters of mitigating circumstance for post-secondary applicants.

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Listen to Maddy talk about how she received accommodations for her concussion during exam time.